Contract was meant to be up!!

  • 28 June 2019
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Hey, my contract was meant to be up in April and/or was meant to receive a upgraded. You did not notify me of a cancellation or a upgraded and you are still continuing to take money out of my bank. Please contact me, thanks

4 replies

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Just to clarify things. Did you contact iD Mobile and requested a cancellation or upgrade before the end of your contract?

All plans are continuing as usual if request to cancel or upgrade isn't made. If you would like to cancel or upgrade your contract the easiest way is to call iD at 7777. You can also use iD mobile website or app and see what available upgrade are waiting for you.

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my contract is ending in april so do you still take payment out  as i am moving to pay as you go and how do i get my pack number pls

Can i buy out of my contract as my phone broke have no insurance and want to get another phone

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Hi @katiebooboo

So sorry to hear you want to leave us at iD Mobile.

Please click on this link below , it has have all the information on how to cancel.

Once you have cancelled your contract, a final bill is issued. Please click on this link to see how to pay your manual bill.

Hope this helps.