How do I make a complaint that will be responded to?

  • 22 October 2020
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Hi, How do I make a complaint that will actually be responded to?


Best answer by Ryan 26 October 2020, 15:44

Hi @neil.pattison1981,

We have responded to your original post just now and issued a PM to your inbox. Thank you.


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Hi @neil.pattison1981,


We’re sorry to hear you have reason to complain, but we can assist you with it right here.


Was is it that’s gone on?



I recently upgraded my handset with yourselves after years of being a loyal customer. Then the customer service disaster started that has ended with me cancelling my contract. The people on your “live chat” team have no empathy whatsoever or willingness to try and help out. And now that I’m trying to make a complaint the “live chat” is constantly unavailable and I was unable to register for this community platform with the email address that was registered with ID. Could be a coincidence but I’m not too sure anymore.

It started with me placing an order for an upgrade. When the confirmation came through it was a different colour handset than what I believed I ordered. This could have been an error on my part if I had clicked the screen accidentally, but I don’t believe I did. As I noticed it straight away I contacted you straight away via Live Chat. On the fourth attempt (the first three inexplicably got disconnected) I managed to speak to someone called Wendy who eventually got the order cancelled. The security details I provided on 12/10/20 matched your system exactly, but we’ll get to that later.

I then placed a second upgrade order for the correct colour handset that I wanted and this was promptly delivered to me within 48hrs (so a very good turn around in my eyes from order to delivery). However I then noticed that on the 14th & 15th October 2020 that two separate payments had been taken for the upfront cost for the handset from Carphone Warehouse (I have evidence of this from my santander bank account if required). I them attempted for MANY hours that day to try to resolve this. I firstly was advised by a Sikelelwa Ngqele that it wasn’t anything to do with ID and I had to speak with Carphone Warehouse. I asked your agent on the best way to contact them and they said the live chat on the Carphone warehouse website. This didn’t exist and I finally got through to them on the phone. They then stated this was false information and that as I was a customer of ID the request for the refund had to come from ID.

I then went back to your live chat and the person I spoke to then (apologies I don’t know there name as I didn’t get a transcript of the chat) wouldn’t help me as they said my security details didn’t match. I explained that my details had not changed from earlier the same week when they did match so i was concerned that my account had been accessed by a third party who could potentially have my details.  This began a number of hours where I was, and still am to an extent, worried that someone had my details. This person was unwilling to move at all and said I needed to send in 2 forms of ID to, which I did. This call then again got disconnected from what I can recall.

I then contacted you again via “live chat” (a phone call would be so much easier) and spoke with someone called Nazley. I explained to this agent what had happened and that I was worried someone had accessed my account and all they did was send me the same form to fill in. This came back as the security details did not match. My name, address & bank account hadn’t changed in the three days since you were happy to take my money (twice in the case of the upfront cost) which i explained to Nazley. They then asked me to provide my date of birth - which I did - and this gained them access to my account. Why couldn’t the first agent do this?

I kept asking again and again if someone had accessed my account and changed the details but Nazley just wouldn’t answer and then demanded I send in proof that the payment had been taken twice (I can do this if still required). 

They then stated they could not see who accessed my account, which I find hard to believe. I asked to be put through to someone who could see it (i.e. security or fraud team) but this wasn’t done. I then finally had enough and asked to be passed through to someone who could cancel my account, but Nazley stated this was something they were able to do. And they processed the return, which I sent back via royal mail the following day. I’m yet to hear anything else.

I also asked for a complaints form and Nazley said that she needed to complete it on her side, so I questioned what she would need from me to process her own complaint. At this point the agent just cut and paste a section of the website saying it could be done online or via post. By the way the online button on the website for raising a complaint doesn’t work either.

As I have returned the new handset now I’d like to get the two transactions of £29.99 refunded to my bank account ASAP. I’d also like further written confirmation of when the SIM card will be converted to a Pay As You Go and that no further payments of any type will be taken from my bank account.


Can you please let me know what I need to do now in order to have this highly frustrating issue resolved and also confirm that no unauthorised access has been made to my information.

Many thanks

Neil Pattison 

My handset has now been with you a week, according to the tracking number used by Royal mail, but I’m yet to receive any type of contact


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Hi @neil.pattison1981,

We have responded to your original post just now and issued a PM to your inbox. Thank you.


I would like to upgrade to a new iPhone as I can’t get used to my Samsung 10 which I still have on contract until Dec 21.

You tell me that I can’t upgrade as I am not with you long enough ?? Which I think isn’t the case as I had my iPhone contract with you before this one ? 
Anyway if I want to change to a new iPhone SE anyway can I still stay with you and keep my number ?and then pay monthly for my Samsung contract as well although I don’t make use of the phone?

Until Dec 2021 I mean

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Hi there @Ellend52 

You would only ever be told you can’t upgrade until December 2021 if it was back in 2019 that you began a 24-month contract with us.

Did you take a phone contract out with us last year?