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How to return your SIM only contract

  • 21 January 2019
  • 8 replies

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If you’re thinking of returning your SIM only contract and leaving iD Mobile, we’ll be sorry to see you go. But we won’t make it difficult or stand in your way – that’s not what we’re about. You’ll find all the information you need below.

If you bought your SIM only plan recently (no more than 14 days ago in-store, or no more than 30 days ago online or by phone), here’s the good news. You can simply process a return, rather than cancelling your plan. It’s much easier!

How to return your SIM only plan and end your iD Mobile contract

  • If you bought a SIM only plan in-store no more than 14 day ago, you can return it by going into any Carphone Warehouse store. Just bring your proof of purchase with you, and a member of staff will take care of you.
  • If you purchased an iD SIM Only plan from or via the iD telephone sales team in the last 30 days, please contact us here to make a return.
If you made your purchase outside of the time frames listed above, then you will need to look at our How to cancel your SIM only plan article.

If you’ve got a question that we didn’t answer above, post it below for someone in the Community to answer.

8 replies

The please contact us here link doesn't work.
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Hey @aaaaaaa,

Thanks for that.

I've updated this now 😀
Thank you for trying but the link still doesn't work
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Hi aaaaaaa,
Thanks, we should be good now.

I cancelled my direct debit for my 7 pound a month contract, thinking (mistakenly now I see) that would automatically cancel my contract.  But it seems I SHOULD first have cancelled the contract and THEN after 30 days or more, once the final bill had come through, cancelled the direct debit.  Question is what to do now!  (A complication is that I am now in Kenya -- for maybe many months! -- and don’t want to use that SIM card for anything as the cost will be great I suspect.)  Thanks for any help. 

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@mkbussey not the end of the world as long as you still have access to your account dashboard page from the app or any web browser.

use this link to cancel the contract please be aware live chat doesn’t work at present

You may still get one final bill past the 30 day cancelling period so keep an eye on your emails and account, you should still be able to pay your bills from your account page, Direct Debits just make it easier to keep on top of payments. Another handy tip to remember is payment is only due 14 days after the 'bill date' on your invoice.

Because of corona and having two separated parents who are both suffering with dementia i felt it essential to Update my ID plan to give me unlimited minutes.  In my haste and with your systems not working as normal I have ended up by ordering a new sim as well as upgrading my original sim both via online thinking it was one and the same.


Hence I need to return and cancel the new sim and just use the upgrade one which I believe is doable if note within the first 14 or 30 days. Only problem is it seems impossible to do right now because your call centres are closed and you haven’t managed to even set up remote working answering queries via email!!!!!!


I cancelled my direct debit as this seemed the only way to stop you taking my money because you can't action my cancellation.


Please let me know what can be done or that at least when this horrible corona virus is over you will honour the cancellation with no charges.

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Hi @Jimster 

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.