I want to cancel my contract

  • 24 October 2019
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I wish to terminate my contract 


2 replies

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Hello @Pickers,


I’m sorry to hear you’re thinking of cancelling your contract.


If you’re on a SIM-only plan, you can submit a 30-day disconnection via the iD app or account.

You don’t need to contact us for this. If you select,  Yes to keeping your number, you’ll get a PAC code.


You can also text PAC to 65075 to get a PAC code sent directly to you via text. 

Simply use the PAC code to cancel your account.


A final bill will be produced within 24-hours of the disconnection completing and we’ll take this via Direct Debit 14-days after (or you can pay manually via the app/account if one isn’t active).


You can also text STAC to 75075 to get a STAC code. Give that code to your new network provider if you’re not keeping the number and want to cancel the service as soon as you’ve joined a new provider. They will process a cancellation for you and we’ll produce your final bill as above.


If however, you’d like to speak to someone regarding the disconnection, simply give us a call, message us via Live Chat or Social Media, or email us over on communitysupport@idmobile.co.uk





I was told that I could cancel my direct debit on the 26th march as I cancelled my contract on 24th February.

I have now been sent an email to say you could not take the money as I've cancelled DD which is not my fault. 

I can not get on id app to pay this I also can not call you because of corvid 19. 

You are saying that charges will be added to my bill if I do not pay bill. 

I want to pay bill however I can not access you or my old account. 

I and extremely frustrated with this. 

How can I pay? The number on cancelled contract is 07903797271. 

You can contact me on 07769200696 to sort this matter thank you.