lost sim so dont know number but want to cancel my account

  • 16 June 2020
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I dont remember my Id mobile phone number I lost my sim a while back..I cant access anything as I'm asked for my Id phone button app etc please help I'm still being charged every month for a mobile not in use I need to cancel


Best answer by Kevin 9 August 2020, 14:44

We’ll send you a private message here @guyh3rr 

If you could respond there, we’ll help further as needed.

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8 replies

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Hi @Tripepies 

Welcome to iD Community.

Has anyone been in contact with you already regarding your issue.

Many thanks, 



Hi, I have the same problem as this, is there any chance somebody could get in contact with me


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We’ll send you a private message here @guyh3rr 

If you could respond there, we’ll help further as needed.

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Hi I have the same problem. Can't remember ID number as the new number has been saved replacing the old number and I didn't memorise or save old number anywhere. (And yes everyone I know has replaced the ID number). Therefore I can't log in to ID account and am charged every month. I need to cancel the account but need my ID number. Help

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Hello @Thohura,

The iD Mobile number we ask for when trying to register or log-into your account is the current active number on the SIM.

If you ported over/replaced the old mumber with your own, then your number is the one you kept.


Try using this number.




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Hi I found the number but now I have another the SIM is not in use and my son replaced it with another SIM from another provider. I can't receive the code ID mobile send me. Hence I cannot go through security with out entering the 8 digit code. What can I do? It's impossible to Spk to anyone without going through security.


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Is there any chance someone can call me?

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Hi @Thohura, I’ve just dropped you a private message. Could you check your Inbox and get back to us at your earliest convenience?


Thank you,