Pausing a 30 day contract?

  • 18 November 2018
  • 3 replies

Is it possible to pause my 30 day rolling contract such that I can skip payment for 2 months and then resume the contract and keep my number?
I'll be outside the UK for a few months so don't want to pay for months I won't use the SIM, but will want my same contract and number back when I return.

3 replies

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Hi jt12345678, we're not able to pause accounts but you can switch to a cheaper plan whilst you are away to minimise the cost. -Phil
Thanks for that. What would happen if I cancelled the contract? Could I restart it and keep my number at a later date? How would that process work please?
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Hi jt12345678,

If you are looking to keep the number, you would need to port the number to a different network using your PAC.
If you are on a SIM only plan you can request a PAC via your iD Mobile App, you can then provide this to the new network you choose in order to transfer your number.

Sadly there wouldn't be an alternative method of disconnecting that would allow you to keep your number.

I hope this helps.