How do I change my plan?

  • 16 June 2021
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Discover everything you need to know about upgrading your phone or changing your plan with iD Mobile.  

Can I change my plan?

Yes. As long as you are on a SIM Only plan or are a Pay monthly handset customer, you can change plans after 30 days. However, if you’re a Pay monthly customer, you cannot change to a plan that is cheaper than your original plan, as you still have to pay off the remaining balance for your handset. You can swap to a plan that includes more data at a higher cost – and if it doesn’t work out for you, you can change back to your original plan (as long as it is still available).  

You’ll also have to meet all of the usual eligibility criteria, such as: 

  • You’ve been with us for more than 30 days  

  • You haven’t changed plans within the last 31 days  

  • You have an active direct debit with us  

  • You don’t have a disconnection request pending 

If you meet those requirements, you can change to a new plan.  

If you’re still within the minimum contract length of a Pay monthly handset plan, you will not be able to go for one that is cheaper. This is because you’re still paying off your phone as part of your monthly bill.  

What’s the difference between a plan change and an upgrade?

A plan change lets you choose a different monthly cost and set of allowances, without changing your handset. Whereas with an upgrade, you can change your plan and get a brand-new handset. 

Why would I change my plan?

Changing your plan allows you to make sure your plan is tailored to your needs. Here are a few reasons why you might need to change your plan: 

  • You need more allowances 
    Struggling to stay within your allowances? Instead of buying add-ons or paying for out-of-plan charges, you can change your plan to one with more allowances. 

  • You want a lower monthly bill 
    If you're on a SIM only plan or have gone past the minimum contract length of your pay monthly handset plan and want to pay less, feel free to change plans. 

  • Happy with your phone? 
    If you’re out of your minimum contract length, and you’re happy with your current phone, change to one of our SIM only plans until you’re ready to upgrade. 

If you’re on a pay monthly handset plan or a SIM Only contract, you can change your plan to one that suits you better. 

What plans can I change to?

If you’re on a SIM Only plan, or have gone past the minimum contract length on a 12-month SIM Only plan or Pay monthly handset, you can move up or down plans as you wish. 

If you’re still within the minimum contract length of a 12-month SIM Only or Pay monthly handset plan, you won’t be able to go for one that’s cheaper until your minimum contract period is over. 

Can I change my plan on a handset contract?

You can change your handset contract, but if you’re still within your minimum contract length, you won’t be able to opt for one that is cheaper. This is because you’re still paying off your phone with part of your monthly bill. 

Will changing my plan affect the length of my contract?

Changing your plan won’t increase the minimum length of your contract. 

How do I change my iD Mobile plan?

If you want to change your plan and you’re not within your minimum contract period, just follow these easy steps:  

  1. Log into the iD Mobile app 

  1. Click the Menu Button and select My Account  

  1. Select Change my plan in the Manage my plan section of the app 

  1. Select the new plan you wish to change to  

  1. Review your new plan information, double check and agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Confirm  

Your new plan will be active within 30 minutes.  

You can also change this plan on My Account online. If you’re still having trouble, you can chat to us and one of our helpful agents will help you change your plan.  

How long will it take for my plan to be processed?

Once you’ve changed your plan through the iD Mobile app or My Account online, it will change within 30 minutes. This includes your monthly line rental and allowances.  

Even if you change your plan, your billing period will remain the same – this doesn’t change when you opt for a new plan.  

Can I change my plan if I’m not happy with it?

If you are not happy with your new plan, you can move back to your original plan after 31 days – as long as it is still available. Alternatively, you can pick a different plan that is available to you if you want to try a new one.  

You cannot change your plan to a cheaper option if you are still within your minimum contract length. The reason for this is you’re still paying off your phone contract as part of your monthly bill.  

Reasons why you can’t change your plan

There are a few factors that can prevent you from changing your plan:  

  • You’ve been with us for less than 30 days  

  • You’ve changed plans in the last 31 days  

  • You don’t have an active Direct Debit with us  

  • You’ve got a disconnection request pending 

Will my data roll over when I change to a new plan?

Unfortunately, you can’t roll over unused data from the billing period when you changed plans. Instead, your Data Rollover will re-start at the beginning of your new plan.  

Can I change between a Pay as you go and a Pay monthly plan?

No, it’s not possible to move from a Pay as you go (PAYG) tariff to a Pay Monthly tariff or vice-versa. SIM cards can’t be converted from one type to the other. 

To move from PAYG to Pay Monthly, you’ll need to take out a new Pay Monthly plan with a new SIM card. 

To move from Pay Monthly to PAYG, you’ll need to cancel your Pay Monthly plan and order a new PAYG SIM card. 

Your phone number can’t be moved from one ID Mobile account to another, so it’s not possible for you to keep your phone number if you move between the two types of tariff. 

Can I get my old tariff with Shockproof, GoTo and/or Takeaway on a new plan?

Shockproof, GoTo and Takeaway are old legacy names we no longer use. If you’re on one of our old tariffs and you change to a new Pay Monthly plan, it will include these benefits, now known as Bill Cap, data rollover and inclusive roaming. 

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