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Any good battery saving tips?

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Having trouble with my iPhone 6s, where I can no longer get the battery to last a a full day, and sometimes switches off at around 10%.

I've had the phone for quite a few years now, so wanted to know if there was anything i could do to improve the battery life? Or any tricks to just stop it running out so quickly?


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I brought a power pack that has 4 full charges in it. I just plug it in at lunch or when I am driving and let it charge up and it. I know it's prob not what you wanted to hear, but I have got an Iphone 6 too and I feel your pain
Ahh Edward1! I had exactly the same issue where my iPhone 6 was draining really fast and turned off at 10% - totally infuriating. My suggestions involve a little monetary spend, but nothing like a new phone - worry not.

Software update I don't know how much this really helps, I mean sometimes it even hinders, but before you try anything else, might as well rule out any sneaky behind-the-scene bugs.

New Battery Honestly I thought this would be insanely expensive, but it was only £10 at the local phone repair shop. The battery goes down at a slower rate than before and when it finally gets to 10% it takes forever to run out of battery. It's so worth the investment!

External Portable Battery Everyone I know has one of these, I saw the benefit yet I continued to be that person awkwardly charging my phone in the socket under the pub table. It's not a great look, so I finally got the Anker PowerCore which is around £35 from Amazon. I only charge it up once a week and it goes a long long way. For me it's peace of mind and the kudos that comes with super slick pocket charging.

Low Battery Mode Even though I was extravagant and bought all the batteries above, I also always use low battery mode to slow the whole running out of battery process down. Go to Control Centre in General and add Low Power Mode to your control centre so you only need to swipe up on the home screen to activate it.

I hear turning down the brightness is good too 🙋🏼
A good tip is to change your email settings to only fetch new data while using the app, instead of all the time as this wastes so much battery!
Go on to settings> passwords and accounts> Fetch new data, and change it to ‘push’. This will mean it will only fetch new data when you refresh the mail app yourself instead of in the background.

(And also try and use low power mode too)

Hope this helps 🙂


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