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Fraudulent Account set up in my name

I seem to be the latest victim of ID Mobile!  Someone has set up a fraudulent account in my name and I am getting invoices to pay.  I have reported this to the Fraud and Cyber crime website of the Police and I will personally make a point of having the Police investigating the activities of ID Mobile.  Why are there so many fraudulent accounts set up?  Why are you allowing cyber crime to be committed with the help of your business?  You have just sent me a “Do not ignore letter” for an account I did not set up.  I want the account closed ASAP and my name and address removed from your website.

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RedRed... You should have all my records from 2 months ago with action fraud number in. Can you please let me know when this is sorted out thank you Katie. 

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Hi @RedRed,


We’ll drop you a Private Message now to get this logged for you.



Can you please get back to me. I want this sorted out. I thought it was sorted. As you sent me a letter saying sorry this has happened to me. And the account is closed. I really don't need this stress right now. I'm working alot and haven't got time for all this. That wasn't even me who set it up. Start. ing to wind me up to be honest. The next letter I get I will give to the police or just throw it away. And not even opening it 

Hi  - like many others here, myself and my wife have each been targetted and have received mail showing accounts have been opened for each of us by someone fraudulently using our names and address. 

I have spent hours on your phone lines to no avail.  Please can someone contact me urgently to get the accounts closed.


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Hi @mrandmrsgot scammed,


We’ll drop you a Private message now to get this logged accordingly for you.



Hi  -  my husband as already reported someone fraudulently using our names and address to open an account with you.  It is unbelievable that you require me to open and register a separate id profile to report this to you. 

Please can someone contact me urgently to get the accounts closed.

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Hi @RedRed 

We are sorry to hear you recieved a bill regarding this account. We can see you are speaking with the team through Private Message who are looking into this. As soon as the team have got an update from the billing team they will message you through Private Message. Thank you for your continued patience. 


Hi all  - just following up on this  - any news please  - not had any response despite providing all information requested.  Thanks

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Hi @mrsandmrgot scammed,

We will send you a PM now to help further.



The same happened to me. I received such a letter and the details of a Direct debit in a new bank account under my name. 

I have reported it to Action Fraud and have a reference number.

Please close the account immediately and give me proof to such effect.

I’m waiting for a private message.

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Hi @qwerty95,

We’re sorry to hear about what has happened. We will send you a Private Message as requested. 

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Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link:


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