Texting a mobile number in the USA

  • 21 October 2018
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I want to send a text from the UK, where I am, to a mobile number in the USA. The mobile number I have for my brother in the USA is a 13 digit number starting 001. But when I try to send such a text IDMobile does not send it. Why is this? Or should the first few digits of the number I am trying to send a text to be other than 001?

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5 replies

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Hello @dulgil,

I hope that I'm able to help with this.

So for a UK number, we have 11 digit numbers.

For calling UK numbers from abroad, we'd apply the UK Dial code +44.

So this would be for example +441234567890 where the +44 replaces the 0 at the beginning of the number.

For USA numbers, you just need to ad +1 before the number.

Can you try adding +1 before the number and then sending the text again?

If the number was 555 123 4567 you'd text +1 555 123 4567

(forgive me if I got the mobile number format wrong here).

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Do ID charge when you make such texts to America?

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Hey @Daves 


Yes, iD Mobile would charge you for international usage as on the table shown below



Bare in mind that your "International" feature would need to be turned on before you can use it. You can manage it in your iD Mobile App under "Services" tab. 

Below is screenshot of how it looks like to help you find it.


Kind Regards


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Thanks not the answer I was looking for I wanted it to be free!!

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Thanks not the answer I was looking for I wanted it to be free!!


Hello @Daves,


Sorry to hear that. Whilst it may not be the answer you were hoping for, it is the correct answer, as we do not provide free texts to USA.




Why iD Mobile?