Activating WiFi Calling

  • 17 November 2019
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I recently switched to iD and everything is working perfectly. My husband is now envious of my WiFi calling capabilities and also wants to switch. However, when we put my iD SIM in to his phone it didn't automatically reset and update to the new carrier settings in the same way mine had. We did this test in a location where the signal is good to check his phone wasn't locked. The phone picked up the network and 4G signal worked fine but the option to turn on WiFi calling did not appear in his settings. We both have an Xperia XA2, so I expected the same functionality as I get from my handset. Does anyone know how to get the handset to update to the new carrier settings when switching the SIM?


5 replies

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How peculiar @Lizzy_Tron, given you both have the exact same phone.


Out of curiousity, where both the phones previously bought SIM-Free or were they previously on a contract with another network (if so whom?).

Just to try and figure out if perhaps one previous networks has caused more of a hold on it’s old settings here perhaps.

It could potentially be worth backing up the phone, and doing a factory reset on the device just to try and help it clear anything previous that is maybe causing a conflict here.


Hi @Kevin,


It’s interesting you should ask that, my phone was indeed bought SIM free, but my husbands was bought through Virgin Mobile. However, Virgin state that they do not lock handsets purchased from them and there does not appear to be any specific virgin mobile branding built in when the phone boots up.

Thanks for your advice, we’ll give that a try.

He’s not keen on restoring to factory settings, any other suggestions?

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Hello @Lizzy_Tron,

Can you get him to try resetting network settings and seeing if this updates manually and brings up the option at all?

Is he using the latest software? 


Hi, I have recently been through similar issues trying to get WiFi calling to work with various carriers.


From my research it would appear that unless you get the handset from the carrier there is no guarantee that WiFi calling will work. My old handset, bought unlocked, was unable to utilise the function from three carriers (including ID) but no-one could tell me why.


In the end I have changed to a handset from ID just to ensure that it works. (Vital as signal is so poor) 


Your non functioning handset being from Virgin may well be "unlocked" for general use. But there is probably some form of additional software/settings that only the carrier can sort out. I was told by my previous carrier that my handset (bought SIM free) was locked to another carrier when they checked my IMEI. They failed to consider that the SIM worked fine for calls etc.

It's an industry wide problem. The only SIM I could find that would work in my old phone was EE. But their tariffs are extortionate so I'm sticking with ID.

I'm sure eventually the phone companies with sort themselves out. But for now we customers are the ones losng out.