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  • 1 March 2020
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I have issues understanding clearly people who call me, or whom I call. Sometimes the calls take longer to connect when I want to contact them and the calls either: stop before they start to ring or the person receives the call but I can't hear it ringing on my side. Please advise as I can't take any calls without asking then to text me instead, as I am unable to hear them clearly. I have tried to restart the phone and to change the SIM in another phone but still the same issue. Thank you for your time. Magda

4 replies

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Hello @Magdalenabohai,


Sorry to hear this is happening. 

We’d like to understand what could be better causing this.


To start, please can you confirm your full postcode and I will take a look at the coverage in the area to see if there are any mast issues.

How long have you had these problems? Is it at home? (the postcode you’re confirming).



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Dear Mohammed ,


Thank you for your reply. The issue lasted about 2 days. It got better yesterday but I still had issues for about half an hour in the evening with the mobile data which didn’t work. East Acton area.



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Hi @Magdalenabohai,

We’re glad to hear that the issue got slightly better. I’ve checked the coverage and it should be fine but would need your postcode so we can see which masts are serving your direct area.

You can speak to our Live Chat team here if you would prefer to provide this privately of course.


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Dear Ryan,


Thanks for your reply. I have contacted the Live Chat and been in touch with Nasreen in regards to my post code.