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I have no network coverage! I also have a child with special needs I can't be without a phone this needs sorted now! My phone is saying emergency calls only, well excuse me every call i make is an emergency this is unacceptable! dont forget im paying you for this privilege! 

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We’re terribly sorry to hear you’re having coverage issues @Gillian Gibson 

We’ll send a Private Message here now to take some further details from you.  We’ll assist further there with troubleshooting this with you.

Please could someone explain why my network coverage in Leeds is now terrible?



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Hi @mac mckie,

Sorry to hear that you are having signal issues.

You can visit the coverage checker below and enter your postcode to see if there are any issues in your area.

Let us know if you require further assistance and we can help you out.


Yes need further assistance thats the first thig i did 


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Hello @mac mckie 


Please can you confirm your full postcode for us?

We’ll check our internal service checker and see if there are any unreported mast faults.



I have no service at all this morning. The coverage is fine and I have paid my bill. Its not possible to get onto live chat to get this sorted and I need the phone urgently today so I have not way of getting this sorted. 


This is very poor service and I also have problems with poor quality of calls frequently, am really thinking I will need to change network.

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Hi @John G, sorry to hear that.


Is this the case everywhere or just in certain areas? If it’s the later, could you provide a postcode please?



I have no coverage again can you fix it please?

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Hi there, I changed your username as it contained personal information that could be used to personally identify you. 

Sorry to hear you’re having coverage issues. Have you tried restarting your phone since the problems started?

Could you kindly confirm your postcode so that we can check for any service disruption in your area?


Thank you,


I've had no coverage from Saturday and you arnt responding! Does anyone actually work at this company?  And if so any chance of you fixing the coverage problem I'm having? Also a reply would be nice? 

I have had poor/no coverage at home for months now, I used to have very good reception but this has changed since lockdown. Please can you advise.

Hi yes I have tried turning phone off and on again postcode is gl5 2lg I doubt it's a local coverage issues as it has been months.

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We’re very sorry to hear what’s been happening in recent months @Sophiajamal 

What phone are you using with iD Mobile currently?

Do you have WiFi calling enabled to get a boost of signal from WiFi in buildings/ areas to which the signal is weak for any reason?  We’d recommend turning that on if not.

Do you notice an improvement in service when away from the home at all?