Emergency calls only

  • 5 November 2019
  • 3 replies

Not sure why my phone is saying emergency calls only. Have switched on and off and checked .. no bill outstanding. In the SE5 area. Is there a problem in the area

3 replies

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Hello there, @Knikkii,


I’m sorry to hear that.


Can you please confirm the full postcode for me so I can check this?

Are you having any issues away from home at all?


Postcode is SE5 8QW. Cant make calls or access internet at home or away

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Hello @Knikkii,


If you can’t access services when away from home, there may be another factor here.

I can see that there’s congestion on the network in this area due to a high number of connections. 


This started around the 30/10/19, is this also when your issues started?


Could you try testing your SIM in another handset and test your SIM in your own handset?