Mobile Signal Problem

  • 6 November 2019
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I have very recently moved over from O2 to ID Mobile and the signal has dropped from 2 bars to nothing.

It was just enough to start the porting process on Sunday but now that's complete my phone is useless at home.

My Daughter is on ID Mobile too and has good signal at my house, so we are very confused.

We thought I'd be fine with ID as they used the same network as O2.

Has anyone got and suggestions?

1 reply

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Hello @christianedward 


I am sorry to hear that you have got a problem with the signal of your iD Mobile Sim Card. I would like to help you go resolve. In order to do that I wanted to ask you couple of follow up questions. 


Is the signal on your phone strong when you go outside? 

Did you try to remove your sim card and then insert it again? It is just to see if refreshing the connection would fix it.

Did you try to insert your sim card into your daughter's phone to see if that would work there? 


There's quite a few reasons for it to happened. If you could help me by answering above questions we could narrow it down and hopefully resolve it here.


Kind Regards