No network - complaint Case iD: 18897874

  • 16 November 2019
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Hi I have been affected by limited network reception and no reception since Thursday gone and interestingly enough last month approx middle of month was affected by the previous outage


I have written an email to your complaints email address and received a message requesting me to respond with some details to security questions which I did. 


Please can someone update me as to what is happening


We have two Sims two different types of phones and tried taking sim out and restarting etc



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Hi @Leacroft 

First off, we’re terribly sorry to hear you’ve been facing some issues there locally.  Though we’re absolutely keen to help you.

We would need to take some further details from you in order to look into any existing complaint and access your iD Mobile accounts though.


So If you could, please get in touch with us either through one of the following: