No phone use at home

  • 27 November 2019
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I raised a complaint on 9 November ,no phone signal but only have problem at home address ,got call last Friday to ring0333 number and had to wade through platform to be informed investigation ongoing.

Problem did resolve for a day or so but has now returned, was refunded months payment but cannot understand why I can be contacted via e mail about payments but no contact other than landline message about ongoing problem with no explanation or solution offered to date.

to state the obvious it will be difficult to contact via mobile as IT DOES  NOT work where I am most of the time!

3 replies

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Hi @Forgodsake,

I am sorry to hear about your issues with coverage, along with obtaining an update to your complaint. We would need to look into your complaint further for you. Please can you email us at so we can get started? 


Got letter today it mentioned replacement sim which has not appeared also said to get phone checked out but the problem occurs ONLY at home address,also told contact tried on mobile but as it does not work where I spend most of my time this only serves to upset me

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Hello @Forgodsake,

I’m sorry to hear that.

If you haven’t already, please get in touch with us via the above email so we can look into this further.