No signal. No calls. No data. No way of contacting ID mobile. Why?

  • 6 March 2020
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No service at all. 


Phone hasn't worked for three days, ironically, I can't call to ask for help. 


The online chat doesn't actually exist? There is nowhere to click into it?


Turned off and on. Put sim back in. Etc. 


How can I get a callback? More importantly, how can I have a working phone that I'm paying a contract for. 

2 replies

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Hello @Elmill89 


I am really sorry to hear that you have got an issue connecting to network. I know myself how inconvenient it is to be out of reach for a prolonged period of time.


Regarding your enquiry. My first thought is that your SIM Card have became faulty and will need to be replaced. Would you be okay to test it for me? If you could insert your SIM to another handset and see if it will get a connection there? The reason behind it to make sure if my first thought is correct, as it might be hardware antenna fault on your phone and will need warranty repair. Are you also able to test different SIM Card on your phone? If not, maybe you could pop in to your local Carphone Warehouse and ask them to test it for you?


There is also network checker tool provider by iD Mobile, you can type your postcode and see if there is any outage reported in your area, here is the link.


Let me know if any of these tests helped you find the cause of your enquiry. Keep us updated so we can tackle this together.


Kind Regards


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Hello @Elmill89,


Sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue with your coverage.


Please can you confirm your full postcode for me to check this further?