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  • 6 April 2020
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I obtained my SIM last week. Since then, indoor coverage has been very poor (250Kb/sec, according to

I checked outdoors, moving around all sides of the house - there are no other buildings within 40m and all are 2-3 storey. Coverage is still only 1Mb/sec. A mile away, coverage is much better - 12Mb/sec.

My postcode is BS6 5EX, your map indicates coverage in my area is ‘very good’. Can you advise please

3 replies

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Sorry to hear you have poor coverage. 

You have a 30 day coverage guarantee if you bought a phone through ourselves, so you'd have a good period of time to get to grips with our service to see how we do.

If you have friends/ family or past experience with using the Three network in your local area, then you'll be able to get an idea of how well the coverage works through us there also.

Hope this helps. 


Thanks. It was a SIM I purchased with a monthly plan, not a phone. Does the guarantee still apply?


Not sure why Three shows that my area shows solid good coverage yet outdoors it is so poor. I used Three’s coverage map as the basis of my purchasing decision.

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Hey @crashmanbristol 


With the Sim Only plan you can cancel the service at any time with 30 days notice period. You do not need to worry about it. Within first 30 days you do not need to give that notice period though. I think slower speeds are caused by the current situation as many more people will use their mobiles at the same time. In places where I used to get 4G+ and amazing speeds I get 2-3 bars on 4G only and need to wait quite a bit even for the community page to load properly. But this is just me thinking at loud since I am sitting right now on the spot where I used to have full 4G+ signal and now I can see two bars on standard 4G. 


Kind Regards