Poor coverage, emergency calls only

  • 12 May 2020
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I have had the same problem that I see others on here have been having, in Berkshire. The coverage map says coverage is really good for my area but I too have been getting really poor reception ever since lockdown - calls not coming through and people having to leave voice messages that are only picked up later, ‘emergency calls only’ on a frequent basis, and so on. Any advice?



1 reply

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Hi @skyskysunsun 

Have you popped your postcode into our Coverage Checker: 

That should keep you up to date on any ongoing or known issues in your area. If you have in fact done that and it's stating some problems were only recently fixed, then it could be that things haven't completely gone back to normal yet after any such work.

Where you receiving decent service when you first received the SIM? If so, we should expect it won't be too long until things are all back to normal and will continue that way from there.

Let us know.