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I am supposed to get 4g on my phone, it shows up but does not work and has not for the last 2 months, I have loads of data that I have paid for but cannot use.  My phone shows that my network is ID LTE/3g/2g , I think this is appalling and would like to know how it can be fixed so I can receive 4g as that is what I am paying for.  I am unable to contact anyone on ID but they are able to put up my monthly bill and continue to take it without giving me the service I have paid for.  Is anyone else experiencing similar problems and know how I can get it fixed? 

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Hi @Vikc-d 

Sorry to hear this. 

I have sent you a direct message to help you with some trouble shooting. 



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I'm having the same issues, and have been for maybe 2 weeks now. Before then it was excellent. Now pages won't load until I switch to WiFi... 

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Hi @Solfer 

Sorry to hear you are having connection issues. 

The quickest way to get a good idea of the coverage in your area(s) would be to pop your postcode in our online Coverage Checker here.

That should keep you up to date on any ongoing or known issues in your area.

I’ve also messaged you directly.




I’m having problems with network coverage, keeps going onto 3G and cannot load important webpages also use sum up to collect money due to not connecting, need urgent attention as my bill is due soon and do not feel I’ve had a good full service.  

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Hi @silkeyez,

We’re sorry to hear that, have you checked for any issues in your area using the coverage checker as per @Pearl_c6’s message above?

Kind regards,


Yes I did, it went onto 3G in an area I usually get 4g 
I cannot log into accounts etc it ‘timed out’ as internet too slow and to be honest it only works good when I get home and connect to my home internet. 
ive noticed this problem since lockdown. 
can we get a reduction or put account on hold until problem is fixed. 
As the price of monthly charge as gone up you put that up just before lockdown too! I’m thinking of getting another sim to different network service so I can operate my work and connect to my sumup With problems.