Unable to connect to network

  • 11 October 2018
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I have just bought a sim only plan for my Samsung S7. When I put the sim card in my phone, iD appears on the list on network providers but when I try and connect to it, the phone says 'Unable To Connect, please try later'.

Does the sim need activating or something. If the phone can see the iD network, I would have thought it should be able to connect to it.

4 replies

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Hi @g7jjf,

If you can register for an iD account using our iD Mobile app, once you log in, an activation message may appear and this should let you activate the SIM if it does require activation.

Apart from that, do you know if your Samsung S7 is unlocked?

I'm just checking whether it's unlocked or not. Occurred to me to check 5 seconds after posting my query. Waiting for my daughter's return so I can use her SIM. Keep you posted.

I have a seemingly very similar problem to this. I've just upgraded to a sim only plan with Galaxy S9 from my previous contract. It doesn't connect to data and I can't receive or make texts and calls. When I press 'select automatically' it says "Unable to connect. Try again later", and when I press 'select manually' it says "Error while searching for networks".

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Hello @leo1904 when you upgrade, a new SIM is sent as part of this.

You need to activate this first which can be done on: