unable to send text messages

Its been over a week I am unable to send any text messages. I was told by your support team that I need to switch to 4g as the network in my area " apparently "is "down" or "under repair" God knows.
My phone is an Android phone the model is a One plus 3T.
Please give some solution to this as I am losing out on certain services I need to message that do not have an option of using social media . And not everybody uses social media to message . So please look into this as we have paid you money for unlimited text message services unless this is your way of frustrating us.

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Hi @Tash,

We are sorry to hear about the issues that you are having with sending text messages.

Do you receive any error messages when sending texts? Are you able to receive text and calls fine?

I would advise to check the signal in your area to see if any work is currently being carried out. You can enter your postcode at our handy coverage checker tool HERE.

Let us know how you get on and we will help you out as much as we can.

My network coverage for 4g or 3g is very good , I just checked it through the link and it says all fine .
I am able to receive text and call or even make calls but I cannot send messages it says
Couldn't send message tap for other options .
When you click on options .
It just says resend, edit or delete.
It would be best if I get a new SIM card sent but I would like it with the same number because clearly somthing is not right. Let me know if there is any other solution.
Thank you for replying.
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Hello Tash,

Can you confirm your full postcode for us so we can check this coverage?

A replacement SIM may not always solve the issue, especially when this is down to a coverage fault.
Have you tried your SIM in a different phone?
Have you been able to test a different network SIM in your phone?

I have checked the coverage is fine. I have been advised to go a nearest store to get device and sim card checked by the chat team. So will try that and see what happens.
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Hello Tash, no problem.

The reason I asked Is we've got an internal service checker we can check to ensure that there isn't an issue with the mast that has otherwise not yet been picked up on the checker via our website.

Ok I have been to a store and they have said nothing is wrong with my phone but they have suggested if you can send me the ID mobile start up settings again to my phone . Apparently you should be able to send me this to prompt start up again.
I am still not able to send any messages .

My postcode is CH42 4NW
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Hi @Tash,

Thank you for that information. I have checked out the mast status, and the two masts serving your area are currently experiencing issues, so a new SIM card or a new phone will not help much here.

We also don't have any settings that can be sent to your phone that would solve this issue. Have you been able to use your phone away from your home address (at least a mile or two away) to see if the level of service changes?

Yes I have tried doing that messaging from away of my area as well. But how can it be that whatever this mast service is can be down or have issues for so long.
What else can be done because my husband is using ID mobile as well and he and I live together under the same roof. We got both our SIM cards together. So he isn't facing any such problem. How come I have this issue??
I might have ti just move on to another network as this is not helping me . I need to be able to text messages as I am awaiting driving test dates availability and visa application where they only work to replying by text . So this is very urgent and of high importance.
My text sending message has not worked in my area or away from my area miles away .
You should not be charging people. Even if this is a network or mast issue . This is gone on for too long now for it to be a faulty issue . Its been A MONTH am not able to send text messages .
I think you should send me setting-up when I joined ID. As doing nothing is not going to help . Or send me a new SIM. Something needs to be done . Because as I mentioned earlier my husband is using the same network and he is on the same plan and he is having no such issues
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Hi @Tash, sorry to see this problem is ongoing, can you just confirm a few things.

Have you tested your SIM in any other phone to see if this helps?
Have you got any other SIM in your OnePlus? Which is set as the default to send SMS?
Have you tested your husbands SIM in your phone?
Do you use the standard "Messaging" app or any other app such as Google "Messages"?

Yes I have used 3 phones to check if the SIM works . It doesn't .
No I don't have another SIM card in my phone just using the one SIM Card.
Yes I do use the normal text SMS service I have been using as always even with the ID SIM card .
AND NO am not going to try to get my husband SIM card taken out to put in my phone n see if it works .
He already had problems with getting his sim card with ID itself in the beggining and took hell of a lot of time to get it sorted .
Please provide me with contact number for your complaints department. As this is now too much.
I am not going to do any more testing .
I have had enough of do this, try this and that .
Its frustrated the hell out of me now .
You either give me a solution or please provide me with complaints department contact number.
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Hello @Tash,

Checking CH42 4NW again on our coverage checker, we can see the area is still impacted by coverage problems. which have been affecting the mast(s) for some time now.

We don't have a completion date for this work unfortunately.

If you'd like to speak to us further about the account, please contact our customer services on 0333 003 7777.

We'll discuss your options further.


Wow !!! This all started because I activated voicemail. Which I am so much regretting activating. Cause only after doing that I have not been able to send text messages. I don't know if that has got anything to do with it or not but it has created a mess only after I did that .
I had to listen to sombody send a voicemail cause it was a hospital appointment which I was trying to get for days but as I didn't know they called they left a voice message.
Thank you for your assistance. I wanted a CONTACT NUMBER NOT AN EMAIL ADDRESS. BUT THANKS ANYWAY.
As it is your app don't put a contact number on your help and support option . No wonder it's not there .
Funny this impact has only caused a problem to me and not my husband. Thank God so now I have to give his number for any of my important stuff so that he can text back .
He still uses ID just so you know.
Ok please carry on.
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Hi @Tash,

The voicemail service shouldn't effect the SMS service. As an answer to your question about contacting us, as advised, you can contact our Customer Services team 0333 003 7777.


Yes that's what I thought as well it should not affect my SMS service. But funnily it happened only after that. Coincidence.
I did contact that same number before you send me it. And guess what Thier system was "down".
So maybe you too must have had your "systems" down.
Please whoever is handling the ID MOBILE APP.
Please put the customer service number there as well.
So you still have no news about when this mast will be working again in my area ?
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Hi @Tash,

I'm afraid not, the masts are still being worked on and we will provide an update whenever we can for you.

Is this a problem only with ID Mobile?
Any news on the masts in my area yet ?
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Hello @Tash, Looking at the 4G masts, one of the masts is impacted with some planned work to fix this.
There was some work around the 29th which fixed some of the issues also.

For 3G, there's some planned maintenance today going through which we're hoping should fix the issues.

Let us know how you get on over the week following a restart.