Very poor data upload speed.

  • 24 February 2021
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Just signed up to ID mobile as it uses the Three network. In my house there is no fibre broadband but we do get a good 4g connection with Three.

When I run a speed test on Three and ID in the same location, I am only getting 0.5mb upload from ID but over 9mb with Three. I need a good data upload for screen sharing. How can this be improved?



2 replies

Yes, both on the same server. It just seems to be a huge difference for no reason, the signal strength is the same. 

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Hello @WildsideUK,

There is no option on our side to improve upload speeds I’m afraid. We would recommend trying the connection in different areas/rooms to see if this makes any difference; we’re not sure why you are getting higher speeds on Three as we do use the same network.

Were both tests on that app done using the same connection server?