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  • 12 April 2018
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Just joined ID on SIM only. How do I know/get on 4G. Phone is Samsung J5 and on Setting - Mobile networks - Network mode, the only choices I have are 2G only; 3G only; 3G/2G (auto connect); and LTE/3G/2G (auto connect). I'm currently set to 3Gonly.

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3 replies

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You need to choose the LTE option for 4G. You phones status bar at the top will show '4G' when you are connected. Hope this helps. LTE is the geeky name for 4G, that's all it is 😛
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The mode for 'LTE/3G/2G (auto connect)' is the connection type for connecting to 4G/3G/2G. This is the preferred option as if there is no 4G signal it will try to fallback on 3G and if there is no 3G signal it will try to fallback to 2G.

Whenever you turn on the mobile data you should see an LTE or 4G (depending on your phone's customised firmware) indicator on the status bar when you're in an 4G area.

You may notice the signal may be a bit lower on the 4G side, but this is normal, 4G signal uses a higher frequency to deliver more bandwidth speed but a higher frequency means a lower distance the signal can travel.

When you make a phone call the 4G signal will fallback itself onto the 3G network as 4G cannot handle phone calls, only data, unless you're using a device with VoLTE. The phone does all of this automatically so don't worry 😉

Your phone will auto decide which network is the best to connect to so it's best to keep it on this option.
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Hello @martinparry83,

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@Fupps and @DeliriousMetro beat me to it.

Selecting LTE/3G/2G will let the phone switch between the different masts depending on your coverage.

If there's issues with the 4G connection in your area, you can always change this to 3G only during that time.



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