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Consistently bad 4g mobile internet with good signal

  • 27 June 2022
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I switched to ID mobile at the beginning of the month, and even though I have full reception I am getting very poor mobile internet, often below 1mb a second. When checking it indicates that in my region (WR14) I should have ‘Very Good’ service. 

I moved from EE and my mobile internet was always very good. I understand ID is a more budget provider but I did not expect the internet to be so poor. 

My phone is a Oppo Find X5



4 replies

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Have you checked for network issues in your WR14 area using the three “Network status checker”?

In addition, the coverage maps are theoretical models of predicted coverage, and sometimes the reality is very different.


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Hi @Sladman, just checking in to see if you managed to check the link above?

As @andewhite, we can’t always guarantee a good signal, particularly indoors. If the link above shows no issues in your postcode area, then it sounds like we perhaps don’t have the strongest coverage in your area.

You do have a 30-day returns window (14 days if you bought in-store) if you’re not happy with the level of coverage.


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Hi @Rory,

Using that link it does say there are issues in my area, however I think I have had that in my region for a while. Is there a way of knowing how long the works will be going on for?

I went away with work this week and found my mobile internet did improve, so I imagine it must be the works. I am just a bit concerned over how long it will last.



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Hey @Sladman, unfortunately, with unplanned outages like this, we’re not given any timescales from Three. 

However, if you speak to the FacebookTwitter or Live Chat teams, they’ll be able to raise a ticket and hopefully get a bit more information for you.


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