id mobile signal getting rubbish

  • 13 May 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi been with id for years and always been a good signal but lately the service has become unbearably crap ....why is that ?

You really are going to loose me as a customer soon ...never been so crap

3 replies

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Hello @Paulatnortel 

We are sorry to hear about the issues you are seeing with your coverage. 

Please can you confirm your postcode so that we can check for any reported issues within your area?





iD Mobile 

Dh2 ...Chester le street ....but it isn't just when I'm home it's around the north east area ...facts are facts I was with you for years and it isn't my phone as it works fine on Another network.

Problem is data ...your sharing protocol is set at too low a frequency so whenever your trying to access something you wait and wait ...only sometimes but more and more regular need to pay more money to the backbone provider then we can all go back to being happy.

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Hi @Paulatnortel,


If it’s been fine for years, and then suddenly isn’t, it sounds like an issue with either the SIM, the handset, or a mast in your area, rather than a financial matter between ourselves and Three Mobile.


Could you provide the full postcode please? Also, are you advising you’ve tried a different network SIM in the handset and it worked fine?


How long have you had your iD Mobile SIM?