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No network

  • 23 May 2018
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My network is down. Data and voice. Restarted phone and done manual search for network but only found Vodafone and o2, but three and id website say all fine. Can't find option to contact technical support and no option when you call number either. Disabled and need phone.

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2 replies

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Now it says '
We are working on some improvements to the network in your area which is due to be completed by 23 May 2018.'
Great. Left me alone with no way of getting help. Disabled people (and I'm sure non disabled people too!) rely on their phones. If, as it says, it's planned maintenance, why can't users be informed so we can put a temporary aim in place? Instead of which I have no one to bring one to me now.
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Hello @Sqarepeg,

We're sorry to hear that
there's some maintenance in your area has led to some recent coverage issues.

We work off the Three UK masts
so maintenance is carried out directly by Three UK.

The texts would usually come
directly from Three UK for Three UK customers.

This isn't a feature we
currently support but I can appreciate your concern regarding this.

We hope the work has completed
and you're no longer facing coverage issues.



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