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Signal/network Issues

Hi I was dealing with somebody on the live chat but got cut off and it has now closed. I am unable to receive any signal in any location. My phone was tested in store and they said not an issue with the phone so gave me a replacement sim card.  I have activated this, waited at least an hour, restarted my phone several times and it made no difference.  I have also tried removing and re-inserting this sim card (it is definitely fitted correctly) I am paying around £30 every month and tied into a contract for a phone that doesn't work!  It has resulted in being unable to make emergency calls.  Are you able to help please?


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Hi @Johanna93,

Thank you for getting in touch and we are very sorry to hear about your issue. This issue will be something that we need access to your account for, and we can see that you have contacted us already via Social Media so we would advise remaining in contact with us via that method so we can have this resolved for you as quickly as possible.


Is drop down 




I have no signal nor network coverage. I can see my phone picking up the signal in some areas while I'm driving. However I have none what so ever where I live. 

Phone is absolutely useless....nobody can get a hold of me…


I want a refund for the last month as I have no service and not willing to pay for it. 

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Hi @Saidomenas @Vmarin,

I’m sorry to see this post was not responded to.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


I have the same issues can anyone help me! 

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I've also got the same issue, my 4g signal is currently so weak that it's activated the Chrome browser "lite" mode that only activates when a signal is 2g or worse or a webpage is going to take ten seconds or more to load.


It's completely unusable. My contract is up in August. I've been with ID for years but won't be renewing now. No signal and no support, kind of wild.

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Hi @Sophie hewes @Gutzdorf 

Welcome to the iD Community.

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.


They don't care they only want your money you can cancel because the service isn't being provided they won't tell you that but it's the law,you have to give them a chance to put it right after that you can cancel for free as you are not in receipt of service

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Hi @Wonkydonky 

Each and every issue with a potential coverage complaint is different.  So many variables can come in to play and we have a plethora of ways to help people and test if the service is working in the area.

In the extremely rare scenario that things are looking to be a lost cause for the foreseeable then we’d cross any bridges with how we can make things right as needed.


Do you need our help with a coverage issue yourself?

So why no help then? Why say there is nothing you can do? You can write your reply to make it look like your willing to do something about it,but the truth is you don't won't or just don't give a shot as I have to pay anyways

I'm having exactly the problem the author of the thread is having, tried live chat they said it was a phone problem. Got my phone checked out its fine. This issue fixed itself a few weeks ago, however it is restarting... Can anyone here help? 

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Hi @Wonkydonky , when it’s a network issue, most of the time we can help. If it’s a handset issue, sometimes we can’t help. There are many reasons someone can have signal issues, and we’ll always offer assistance and do our best to assist. It’s just that sometimes certain aspects are out of our control. Like if someone has a SIM only deal with us, and it turns out the handset is faulty. We wouldn’t know that right away, so would attempt tp help, but in the end would be unable to provide a fix.


I hope that answers your question.



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Hi @ReallyStressful, how many bars of signal are showing? Is it just calls that are effected, or is it data and messages too?



Hi @ReallyStressful, how many bars of signal are showing? Is it just calls that are effected, or is it data and messages too?



Hi will, I'm getting around 1-2bars, sometimes no signal. Also this affects my calls, messages and data which I am not able to use, thank you for replying. 

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Hello @ReallyStressful,


What’s the postcode of the address where this is affected?

We’ll check if there’s any recent mast-work that’s taking place as this is the most likely explanation here.




Hi @Mohammad 

I am in the E1 1RR postcode, thanks for replying.

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Hi there @ReallyStressful 

Taking a look at the E1 1RR on our side, we can’t see any reported issues currently or recently for that postcode.  So that suggest things should be A-OK currently.

Are you able to put the iD SIM into another phone to see if things fair better there?

Do you have the same issues when away from the E1 1RR area?  If so, then that would suggest a potential problem with the phone or at least a setting within the phone.
If that was the case, if the phone was through us on a contract, you can get that looked at at your closest Currys PC World if it’s still under warranty. 

@Kevin  The sim works on other phones, but not my Samsung galaxy. However I should note that my phone detects the sim, I am able to use WiFi calling on ID. Yes I do have the same problems outside of my postcode.

Thanks Kevin for responding 

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If it’s working in another phone, I’d say it sounds like it may be a handset issue. Where did you get the handset from, and how old is it? Have you tried a SIM card from another network in it to see how that behaves @ReallyStressful ?



hi @Will 

I got the handset from O2 in 2016, I have yet to try the sim card from another network. This issue has happened to me before and lasted 2 entire months, it then fixed itself, but now the issue has came back.

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With it being as old as that, it’d be out of warranty by now. If you’ve had a SIM only deal with us for 6 months or more, you could upgrade and get a brand new handset with us right away. If the handset is the issue like it’s fair to suspect at

 this stage, that’d solve the issue for you @ReallyStressful .



I'm also having problems with signal. Where I live it's absolutely rubbish.  Been having this issue for weeks. In the middle of a call just cuts off.  Can't call people half the time.  If I travel I sometimes get a signal but at home it's rubbish.  I paid extra for more call time and can't use it.

Not happy at all with the service and iD don't seem to want to hear from us, not contactable!  

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We’re very sorry to hear your frustrations @Jayney laney 

Could we get the full home postcode for your area so that we can look into any known issues that could be adding to this?

What phone are you using with the iD Mobile SIM currently?

I have a samsung J6. Here is my postcode...bb3 0je.

I've looked it up myself and it says coverage is good.  But it isn't in reality. 

Thanks for trying to help me. 

I have been trying to contact Some one on ID mobile for about a week now, and failed miserably. It’s disgusting that I have had a week without signal or service with no one to help but the stupid unhelpful ‘chat bot’. Has anyone successfully contacted ID mobile?! 


Why iD Mobile?