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Signal/network Issues

Hi I was dealing with somebody on the live chat but got cut off and it has now closed. I am unable to receive any signal in any location. My phone was tested in store and they said not an issue with the phone so gave me a replacement sim card.  I have activated this, waited at least an hour, restarted my phone several times and it made no difference.  I have also tried removing and re-inserting this sim card (it is definitely fitted correctly) I am paying around £30 every month and tied into a contract for a phone that doesn't work!  It has resulted in being unable to make emergency calls.  Are you able to help please?


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Hi @Jayney laney 

The masts closest to BB3 0JE haven't had any issues any time recently which should have caused any sort of noticeable change in things.

Do you have WiFi calling enabled in your Samsung J6 settings?  This would mean whilst at home you get a boost of network coverage whilst in any buildings of which you have Wi-Fi in, yet the network signal is finding it hard to penetrate.

Would you be able to try your SIM in another handset, to see if things improve there at all?

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Hi @SophieF20 

We’ll be happy to investigate any coverage issues you’re having here.

Could we first of all get the postcode of the area in question you’re experiencing problems in?

What phone are you using with the iD SIM?  Have you been able to try the SIM in another device to see if things fair better there? (which could indicate if the phone itself is having issues).


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