Unable to send text messages

  • 18 November 2018
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I have a an iD sim for more than a year without any issues but since about a month, i am unable to send out text messages. Receiving text messages & making phone calls seem to work fine.
I have performed following steps already as suggested by the support.
  1. Confirm the SMSC number to be correct.
  2. Chagne my sim card
  3. change the mobile data network from 4g to 3g only.
I have tried the sim in two phones(android & iphone) but both fail the outgoing texts so I am pretty sure its not related to the phone itself.
I have a ticket open with id support for about 3weeks now but everytime i call for an update, i have to go through the same steps(check smsc number, restart the phone, change data to 3g only) without really resolving the issue.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.


2 replies

What is ID mobile’s SMSC number please?

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Hi @Haggis, it’s +447782000800.


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