Unlimited calls but not able to call

  • 8 April 2021
  • 3 replies

I have unlimited calls in my tariff but am now unable to make calls to regular (ie non premium) phone numbers?

3 replies

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Hello @pdansey2,

Are you trying to call a specific number that doesn’t work or no matter which number you call it won’t?

Can you try a standard UK Mobile phone number and see if this works?

Make sure the number does not begin with 084 or 087 as these are not included in your plan.


If a standard 07 number does not work, check how many bars of coverage you have and confirm.



Hi Mohammed


It was regular landlines and mobile numbers, but it now seems to be resolved, will keep an eye on it. 


Thanks for your help.


Paul D 

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Hi @pdansey2 

We are happy to hear this has now been resolved. Feel free to message us for any further issues you may have.