WiFi Calling on non premium phones

  • 11 November 2019
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Hi All 

As a person that likes to get value for money I always buy a Mobile from an up and coming mobile phone manufacturer, currently I have a UmiDigi Z2. It is almost impossible to get support from mobile network providers for these budget phones. This subject is for people to share whether WiFi Calling / VoLTE works on budget smart phones on the ID Mobile network.

I walked in to a 3 shop about a week ago and they gave me a “free sim” to try and I was able to enable the VoLTE option and WiFi Calling option in my phone and received a test call. The only reason I did not immediately sign up for a 12 month contract was the price. I am a low usage consumer less than 1GB per month and 3 lowest cost plan is for 4GB / month. Most importantly  I cannot get any reliable mobile signal in my home . I have to walk 100 meters up a hill to get a signal. I will be going to Carphone Warehouse today and ask if I can test an ID mobile SIM. If it works I will sign up for a contract.

If other Android Smartphone owners of say Elephone, Cubot, Oppo, Meizu or any other non Premium brand would like to share their own stories please add a message to this thread.

Please note you need to be on android 8 Oreo or newer to enable this feature.

6 replies

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I asked Carphone Warehouse if I could try a SIM to see if WiFi calling would work but was disappointed when told that they did not have an activated SIM and if I wanted to try I would have to buy. As ID is a virtual network on the 3 real network and the 3 SIM I tried in the 3 shop worked. I signed up for a contract inserted the SIM and 3 hours later back at home with no signal on any network I was able to receive and make calls using WiFi Calling.

So if your phone is running Android 8 or newer, not a premium brand and you want WiFi Calling. ID network SIM’s work and also 3 network SIM’s works OK.

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Hello @Plascoch,

Unfortunately, this handset is not included in the compatible list of WiFi Calling handsets on our network.


You can find this list here: https://www.idmobile.co.uk/help-and-advice/wifi-calling

It’s unlikely that this handset would be added to our list of compatible devices as it’s not one we currently sell.


I’m sorry that I don’t have a more favourable response. 

I’ve converted the topic to a discussion as there’s no question that needs answering here and other users can leave their thoughts below.



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Just because you don’t list it does not mean it won't work. My windows 10 mobile has the wifi calling feature. How can I try it on ID before I switch?


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Hi @Skills88 

Whilst some phones that aren’t listed have proven to work.  It’s more along the lines that we wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot the issue for you further should ever an update come to the phone which disabled the feature.


You’d be welcome to purchase one of our SIM’s and give things a go.  Cancel within the first 14 days and providing you haven’t ran up any costs outside of your inclusive allowances, then you’ll have nothing to pay for the time you gave us a shot.

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Kevin. That was great. How do I buy from you?

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Hi @Skills88,

You can make your purchase on our website here. 🙂