Wifi calling & Samsung S23 Ultra

Wifi calling not working on my S23 Ultra. All software up to date, wifi calling enabled on the device etc. Unlocked phone direct from Samsung. What else can be done as the standard cell signal is poor and calls are next to impossible?

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Has Wi-Fi calling ever worked with your S23 Ultra, @James Sampson?

Have you tried a NETWORK RESET on your handset?


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Hi @James Sampson ,

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Just checking if you managed to check the advice that @andewhite provided.

If you still require assistance, please let us know.



Thanks - have tried that - after resetting it generally (although certainly not always) connects over wifi (based on the S23 icon) but sat still in the same position it disconnects after <1min and is temperamental 

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Hi @James Sampson 


Okay, are you able to enable flight mode and then try?



Tried forcing it on aeroplane mode and can't make/receive any calls either 🙄

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Hi @James Sampson, is it possible to try a different SIM card in the phone to see if you’re still experiencing the same issue or not?- We understand this isn’t always possible, but it’s worth trying if you can.