Tracking phone order

  • 17 September 2019
  • 2 replies

I've just ordered a phone online for a contact and when do you find out if you get it and how long did anybody wait for another email just wanna know if its gone through properly as its a gift

2 replies

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Hello @Kelly34,

You'd usually get a confirmation email and a dispatch email when the phone is sent. If you placed the order today (17th September 2019) then you should receive a dispatch email tonight when the phone is dispatched. (Of course, this is subject t0 the phone being in-stock, so if you've pre-ordered the iPhone, it'll be dispatched for release day etc).

If you don't hear anything tomorrow and it's not an iPhone 11 pre-order, please get in touch wtith us and we'll track the order for you.


Can you please tell me haw long it take