SIM did not show up

  • 13 March 2021
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I recently bought a £7/month contract in early February 2021.

However, the SIM did not (and still has not) arrived so I cancelled my Direct Debit. I am now being asked to pay for the first two months of a SIM I have never even seen let alone used.

I have tried getting into my account but I have forgotten my password it is asking for the phone number you assigned to my account to reset the password. Clearly I do not know that either because I never received it (I assume it comes with the SIM). This message is sent from a new account.

Please let me know

a) how to pay the outstanding sum

b) How I can cancel my account to stop incurring fines

Kind regards,


1 reply

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Hi there @Danbuck99 

If the SIM never arrived (thus you’ve never been able to use it), then you shouldn’t have to pay for anything in that instance.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?  If so, please contact our official Social Media pages there with a message and we should be able to get this resolved for you there today.

Alternatively, you could contact our Live Chat Team:


If you have trouble with any of the above then please let us know and we’ll send you a private message on here if need be.