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  • 22 January 2021
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I ordered my sim on 18 Jan and received an email that it’s been dispatched on 19 Jan. I still haven’t received it. I have also received an email that the DD has been set up but I still haven’t received my SIM card. 


The chat agents were very unhelpful and unable to give me any information. 


Best answer by Michelle 2 February 2021, 10:45

Hi @Anusha 


When your iD sim is in your phone, are there any error messages? 

What happens when you try to call/text or use data?





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11 replies

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Hi @Anusha,

We’re sorry to hear about that issue. Has your SIM card arrived since posting your message? SIM cards can take up to 5 working days for them to arrive so if it hasn’t turned up, please let us know and we’ll check this out further.


My sim has arrived and I have ported my number.

It’s not working in my iPhone. I tried the sim in my husband’s phone and it works. My iPhone is iPhone XR.



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Hi there @Anusha 

Does the SIM not work at all in your phone?  Or is it just that certain things aren’t working when using it with your phone?

What phone is your husband using?

Could you try the following for us:

Turn off the phone > Take out your SIM
Turn the phone back on (no SIM) > Leave on for a few minutes or so.
Turn off the phone >  Pop the iD Mobile SIM back in the phone 
Turn back on.


1)    Turn off iMessage (Settings > Messages)
2)    Restart your phone (by pressing and holding the on/off button)
3)    Tap Settings > Phone > My Number and confirm that it is correct. 
4)    If it is not correct, please enter the correct number
5)    Turn iMessage back to On (Settings > Messages)
6)    Finally, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and see if the correct number is displayed under “Start new conversations from:”. 


The sim doesn’t work at all in my iPhone. 

My phone is unlocked I have tried different network SIM card and the phone and text function works. 


I have however tried all the steps you said and it doesn’t work. 

I have read on your community id mobile SIM cards have known issue with iPhone XR. This has still not been addressed it looks like even after 2 years. 


Your chat agents have sent out another sim and I haven’t received it yet. 

I started my contract on 18 January and still can’t use the SIM card in my iPhone. My number has also been ported to ID mobile so my number is stuck for the timebeing with id mobile. 

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Hi @Anusha 


When your iD sim is in your phone, are there any error messages? 

What happens when you try to call/text or use data?





I ordered my sim card over 2 months ago. You are taking payments from my account, but the SIM card has not arrived.

PLEASE I need the SIM card.

Also, unable to even access bills which you are charging to my account since you claim my online account does not exist under the data in which I have created it while ordering the card. I have screenshots and I give correct log in and password.



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Hello @Sylwia,

I’m really sorry to hear the SIM card has still not been received.

It would seem this was lost by Royal Mail in the post.

We’ll arrange for a replacement and ensure the line rental is covered here.




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I am still waiting for my sim card i have ordered in over 2 weeks and today i received a bill letter thats meant to come out on the 13 june

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That’s not good @Jaatatusa

An ID Mobile member of staff will be along shortly and they will be able to get a replacement sim sent out ASAP. If you’d rather not wait, you can speak to an agent here:

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Hi @Jaatatusa 

We are sorry to hear you have been waiting for 2 weeks and have still not recieved your sim card. I can see my colleague has meesaged you in your Private Message inbox advising they have sent out a replacement sim to you now. 


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Yes jus seen hopefully i will get my sim card tomorrow