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Error 38

I've been texting back and forth with an American friend, while I'm in the UK. 10 or so messages were exchanged before the texts stopped sending (error 38)


Im on a fixed £12 per month plan, and I'm aware that international texts cost extra, but I can't figure out why it did allow me to send them and then suddenly stopped. 


I've read through other posts regarding error 38 and can't find an answer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


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You’ve probably reached reached the spend cap on your iD account (assuming you pay monthly by direct debit)?

If not, then could be there are network issues in the UK and/or USA interfering with transmission of text messages.


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Hey @Harvey Lyon, definitely sounds like you’ve hit your bill cap. Check what it’s set to in the iD Mobile app and amend it if necessary.

Alternatively, use WhatsApp, which will be taken from your data allowance instead. Unless of course you’re using Wi-Fi, in which case it’s essentially free.


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