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  • 8 December 2023
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I bought a phone with an iD mobile account in a Black Friday deal.  Since receiving the phone I have been unable to use the SIM card - it just says no signal. I have also tried to register for an iD mobile account but it keeps saying that my details are incorrect.

I contacted the live chat for assistance and was told that the new number I have been given by iD mobile is connected to somebody else’s details.  The live chat people refuse to discuss anything with me because they say I am not the account holder because the details I am giving them do not match what is on their system.  I have emails from The Carphone Warehouse addressed to me and proving that I entered my details correctly when purchasing the phone and the contract as well as the invoice and a copy of the direct debit information which also has my details on it. 

When I contact The Carphone Warehouse to try to resolve the issue they say that my details are correct on their system and it is a problem with iD mobile so I should speak to them.  However as I mentioned previously because my details do not match what is on the iD mobile system, the live chat support refuse to speak to me.  I’m completely stuck with a contract that I cannot use and the direct debit is showing up on my bank account so I am concerned that I will be paying for a service I am not receiving. I have provided copies of emails, the invoice and a copy of my passport to the documents email address for iD mobile as instructed to do so by the complaints department but I have heard nothing despite being promised I would receive a reply within 24 hours.

Please can anybody help me!

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Hi @H_852 


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