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No wifi calling with my Redmi Note

  • 23 June 2022
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My Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G is on your compatible list, my router is working, the phone is set to take calls on WiFi but it will not connect. There is no 4G signal in the house but is available at the top of the garden. This phone is useless inside my house for calling but all of the other internet functions seem to work.


4 replies

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Has iD Wi-FI Calling ever worked with this device?

Can you try your iD SIM in a different device and see if the Wi-Fi Calling works at your location or in any other location?


It worked here with my iPhone but I don't think it has ever worked here with my Redmi.

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Okay, thanks @JoefaePerth.

Luckily the Redmi device is supported by iD with their “iD WiFi Call” service.

I reckon your best option is to get in-touch (in real-time) using the iD Live Chat service.
If the chat doesn't work on your smartphone, then try another device like a tablet, iPad or laptop.

You can also chat to iD Mobile using facebook or Twitter.

The iD agents only work between 9am - 8pm weekdays and 9am - 6pm weekends.
Outside these times you’ll get an automated reply.

I hope they manage to fix this issue - good luck!

Thanks for your advice


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