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OnePlus Nord - 5G / 4G Calling / WiFi Calling

  • 13 January 2022
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Hi is any body using  this phone on I'd mobile I am just wondering what the compatibility for the OnePlus Nord is for WiFi calling 4g LTE calling and 5g ta john

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Hey @Johnlightbulb,

It’s not on our WiFi Calling or 4G Calling or 5G Compatibility list.

In regards to WiFi and 4G Calling, it’s unlikely to be supported, though I know on the Community someone had a OnePlus device that they did manage to get working with WiFi Calling some other way.

As for 5G, the device may still work with 5G on our network but it’s not on our tested and approved list so it may have issues or a software update could stop this from working at all.

We’re reviewing and adding new handsets all the time.


if you wish to test it, you could get a PAYG SIM to see if it works and then purchase a contract SIM after once you’re happy.

Alternatively, you can get a contract SIM right away as we do offer a 30-day returns so you’d only be liable for the moment of connection until the return date.




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