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OTP messages not coming through

I've seen this question asked before, but no actual actionable answer from my end. I am trying to set up my new phone and my Zoho email account and Amazon are sending OTP messages but I'm not receiving them. I haven't tried my bank apps as I don't want to become overly frustrated. Please tell me there is an easy fix otherwise I will have to consider cancelling my contract.


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Hi @kasiayar,


What handset is it you’re using? Are all OTP messages not coming through, or is it every single one you’ve tried?


Also, have you ported a number into our network recently?



Yes, the number switched over yesterday and I had no problem with WhatsApp but issues with Zoho mail and Amazon. I haven't tried every single one yet. Zoho just went through, the only difference being I have data turned on instead of being on WiFi. Considering I didn't have any issues with signal strength, I would be surprised if this is the cause. I have a new S20 FE.

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Cheers @kasiayar,


If some are coming through eventually, and others no problem, it may just be a case of the recent port making the OTP messages drag their feet a little. When this happens, it can help to power down the handset for 10 minutes and remove the SIM card. If it doesn’t help, and this matter is still persisting come Monday, please let us know so that we can escalate this matter for you with our Tech Team. 



I am also having this problem since porting to ID mobile network, can anyone advise please?


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Hi @Julie Harrison,


Is it just the one company you’re having issues with, or several?


Do normal text messages work?



Yes normal messages work its just the OTP messages that don't work.

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Hi @Julie Harrison 

We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account, so we can discuss your issue further. To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’. Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link: https://community.idmobile.co.uk/inbox/overview

We’ll see you there.



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