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  • 7 December 2023
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I ordered a Google pixel 7a on the 30th November I have received my contact through the post but no phone what do I do does this mean my phone will be delivered soon I've had no other email to keep me in the loop 

8 replies

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Some colours and memory capacities appear to be out-of-stock @Charley Jordan

Did you order from the iD website?
What device spec did you order?

The iD sales team might be able to assist - contact them on 020 7139 1397.



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Perhaps give the iD sales team a call about your order @Charley Jordan

Contact the team on 020 7139 1397, during normal office hours, with your order number.


I haven't got any calling credit to make the call is there any other way of communicating with them?


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Have you tried the “get in touch” link in the email shown in the screenshot?

Yes I have directed me somewhere else 

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Okay, hope somewhere else can help 


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Hi @Charley Jordan,

Welcome to the Community!

Just checking if you managed to get in touch with someone for an update?

If you would like us to check it out, please let us know and we can advise further.




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