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phone wont make phone calls or record videos with sound..

Recently I received a new SIM that’s £12.00 a month for unlimited texts, calls and 100Gig of data. After about a week of using it. My phone no longer makes phone calls. My camera never records with audio anymore but when watching YouTube or Spotify, my audio is clear and working perfectly. My internet connection is perfectly fine with 3-4 bars. Please help?

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Sounds like there’s a problem with your phone.

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Hi @Elliott Sykes, sounds like an issue with the microphone if it’s also not recording sound when recording videos. This wouldn’t be anything to do with the SIM or network provider. I’d recommend speaking to the retailer you purchased the phone from.


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But I don’t understand how videos can work with sound and the audio has been perfect? It also cuts off my calls as soon as I try to make them saying “Call failed” my signal is fine so I don’t think its just a phone issue.

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Playing a video uses the speakers in your phone, not the microphone.

Recording with the phone’s camera requires a working microphone.

Have you checked for network problems at your location/s?
Do this using the page.

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Hi @Elliott Sykes 


I’d recommend the steps @andewhite has outlined above! Check the Three Network Status Checker and see if there are issues in your area, although the issues with your camera/microphone wouldn’t be affected by the SIM, please check the status of your warranty or see if the manufacturer have any known faults and have a way to solve it!




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