Switching from EE with PAC but getting "issue with info I've submitted" when info is 100% correct

  • 29 July 2021
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Im trying to join ID from EE with a correct PAC code, using my old number, and the number they provided on the paperwork received with phone, and the transaction number on same paperwork.  But have been getting a “we’ve tried to process your PAC, but there is an issue with the information you've submitted. Please check it………………...”  error message EVERYTIME I’ve tried.  I have 100% check the PAC code, my number and the new number given and the transaction number.   

But on multiple attempts it still gives me this message.  Its been 3 days since ive joined and am still paying for my old and new phone bills.  

I’ve tried to call but the auto phone system won't recognise my number for some reason and just cuts me off….

If it carries on for much longer Im just going to cancel my new subscription and go back to EE, where I can at least talk to someone.

3 replies

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Hi @Markc,


We’ve recently had some issues with the App and My Account features that has been affecting peoples ability to port. Have you tried again since sending this message, as we’re getting reports that it’s working for some now you see.


Please let us know either way, and if you’re still having issues, we’ll drop you a Private Message for further support.



I’m still having go problems.   My PAC hasn’t been moved over since I filled in the form on Friday 31st July morning, AFTER your form wouldn’t load for THREE days..! 

I would like to cancel my account within the 14 days cool of period.  
I find your system awful, I can’t open the app, your phone line is terrible and sends me round in circles with no answer.  

please can someone help me cancel my account within the 14 days period


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Hi @Markc,

Our teams are continuing to get our mobile and self-service applications up and running. Unfortunately, there are still some unexpected issues after the recent infrastructure upgrades. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. Our teams are working around the clock to get the applications fixed as quickly as possible.

We’ll shortly send you a Private Message to your Community account so we can discuss your issue further.

To access your messages, click your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then click ‘Private Messages’. Alternatively, if you are currently logged in, you can use the following link: