texts fail to send

  • 28 June 2021
  • 2 replies

I am unable to send retxs the come back failed each time

I'm on the Samsung s20

2 replies

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@Elliott Lloyd-Griffith 

Are you able to make voice calls?

If not then they could be an outage in your area - check coverage in the below link

Another reason text messages fail is memory issues.
Even if you have lots of memory available t​​​​here is still a limit set on messages.
Try deleting some saved messages from other contacts and then try sending again!

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@Elliott Lloyd-Griffith are you using Google messages or Samsung Messages? 


If you’re using Samsung Messages then check if RCS is enabled and if it is, turn it off:

  • Messages > Three dots > Settings > Chat Settings > Rich Communication Settings

Now try sending a message and see if they send...