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Transferred my number to ID number


I transferred my number to ID but it is still sending text messages from the new number. My ID account says the transfer is complete  but friends and family are saying different. How can I fix this please? My phone is a Samsung A33.

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If you’re using the (Google) Messages app to send your contacts text messages, start by turning OFF the “Chat features” in this app.

There’s more about this topic online, in the following locations:

  1. Chat features by Google FAQ article
  2. How to turn chat features off article

The issue you’ve described can occur if you start using the (Google) Messages app (with “Chat features” turned ON), after joining iD and with the number you didn’t want to keep.

Anyway, hopefully this information helps - good luck.



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Hi @LisaE, just checking in to see if you’re still having this problem?


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