trying to customer support about upgrade

Is there a contact number where I can actually speak to someone over the phone instead of an automated service? I can upgrade my phone in 2 months but as it’s not time yet I cannot look at the upgrade plans, o can only see the plans for if I’m a new customer

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Hey @oooBEXooo 


Have you tried contacting Live Chat team through the website? Here is the link where you could get started. To be honest, I am not sure if you will be able to see upgrade deals until your eligibility date comes nonetheless It's worth to try. Let me know if you managed to have a chat with someone true there.


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Hi @oooBEXooo,

As you are not within your upgrade period, we wouldn’t be able to view your potential upgrades as they are only available at the time that you’re eligible.

Prices would likely change by then too, so we cant help further at this point. Sorry about that!