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Parents were sold a samsung A02s in CPW on idmobile the other week, they previously had an old dumb phone on O2 but wanted a smartphone, they have been switched to Idmobile which they've found has no signal whatsoever at home.

I've explained WiFi calling to them as the phone and Id show as compatible but they couldn't find the setting to turn it on, I've visited now and sure enough it's not in settings, only volte. Checked software update which says up to date.

any suggestions please

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Phone > 3 dots (top right) > Settings > Wi-Fi calling

Turn it on.

Thanks, they still can't find it, I'll have a look when I can next visit.

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No problem @Meno,

Keep us updated, if the phone was bought via Carphone Warehouse then it should support WiFi Calling without any issues if it’s on our compatible devices list.

Try resetting network settings to see if this helps also.