Can't register SIM on Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

  • 30 May 2018
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Hey I ordered an I'd SIM when i had a Redmi note 3 and it refused to work. It would permanently search for the gateway. 2 months later and I upgraded to the Redmi note 5 hoping it was down to an old ROM on my note 3. However I'm still struggling to register the SIM on this new phone... I saw somebody else on here has no problems with Redmi note 5A.

Am I being a numpty and missing something or do I need to cancel my contract?


4 replies

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Hi Timittytim, that phone you have should be suitable to work with our network. You may be able to manually search for the network to confirm it's available and try to connect.

If this doesn't help, we'd recommend you try to SIM in a different phone to confirm it works properly.
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Hi Phil,

I had tried that a few times and iD wasn't listed

However, I tried again today and now iD 3G has appeared when manually selecting a network.
But... It doesn't work either! (and where's 4g?)

I'm given this error when i try to manually select iD 3G
"Your sim card doesnt allow a connection to this network"

Unfortunately i dont have a spare phone other than my old redmi note 3 to try it on and no luck with that either.

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Hi @Timittytim,

Are you able to pop into your local Carphone Warehouse store?

This will allow a member of staff to try a different SIM in the handset to see if it's a handset fault or just an issue with picking up our network etc.

I am going to be getting a Note 5 for xmas, let us know if you've been able to resolve this please.